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The Journey is the Destination: Polaroids

Exploring the flaws and intricacies of Polaroid film, Rhiannon Adam’s work stands as the antithesis to the digital culture we now live in. Her work focuses on the photograph as a unique sculptural object, rather than simply as an image alone.

Lo-fi Polaroid style imagery is everywhere thanks to the ubiquity of apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic. In this exhibition, Rhiannon Adam attempts to redress the balance by showing real Polaroids in their original form, taking us away from our screen based ‘realities’.

Adam’s work is process based, concentrating on the unique dialogue between expired film material, photographer, and viewer. In this eclectic exhibition we are invited to join her quest for honesty, to embrace our failures, and fight against perfection and digital manipulation.

With Polaroid film becoming more and more expired every day, freshly shot images are becoming more obscured – in a sense echoing the slow death of expensive analogue technologies. While a digital image may never live a life off the screen, each Polaroid in this show was warmed by the artist’s body heat, and gingerly handled in the same exact location that is pictured.

These images have travelled. The film was manufactured, shipped, bought, sold, bought on eBay, posted, shot on location, and transported to this space. Each one has a story to tell, and like each individual, events in its life have altered final appearances. Each image bears the marks of its journey: heat, cold, humidity, treatment during development, and quirks related to the camera have all altered the final image in uncontrollable and unpredictable ways. Each image is a portrait of a place or time, capturing more of what is outside the frame than what is inside.

Opening times;
Mon to Fri
10 – 5

12 – 4


Mandarin Wharf
70 De Beauvoir Crescent
N1 5SB
0207 923 3711

Date: 2nd May - 31st May

Price: FREE