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Chat is an event and project set up by artist Kathrin Bonnar. The project looks at the effects and benefits of varying conversations on developing works.

Event number one opens a space for anyone to bring fragments of developing work/ideas down to the space to be exhibited. This will coincide with chats instigated by Kathrin Bonnar, Matthew Edwards, Patricia Pisanelli and Cherelle Sappleton, about their work in progress for I’m Not Done/2; a forthcoming exhibition at Yinka Shonibare’s Guest Projects in September 2015.
Space will be limited so if you are interested in bringing your work/ideas to be exhibited please email: kathrinbonnar@gmail.com. Work/ideas can be in any form, at any stage of development, created for any reason; whether this is a list of ideas or a few sentences, a quick sketch/scribble or a more completed piece you are just not quite sure about.
The event is free and everyone is welcome whether you want to exhibit, just take a look or join in conversation about developing work.
A second event will be held on 2 July 2015 and will include chats from artists selected from an open call for I’m Not Done/2. More information can be found here: http://imnotdone.org (website launching soon).
Image by: Julia Robinson


The Rose Lipman Building
43 De Beauvoir Rd
N1 5SQ
0207 923 3565

Date: 7th May 7-9pm

Price: FREE