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Curious Festival 2016

We Astronomers
7.30 pm Monday 4th July and 7.30pm Tuesday 5th July

Guildhall School musicians and visual artists from Central St Martins present a new performance installation exploring ideas around scientific discovery.
The outcome of a three-month collaboration, We Astronomers uses our discoveries and advancement in science as a starting point to investigate the human capacity for imagination, inquiry and insight, and the guiding roles of science, philosophy and art. Musicians and artists have used these ideas to create original work, thinking about what it means to awe, to look up in wonder at the universe and to question our own position and perspective as individuals and as humans.

Guest artists on Tuesday: Liam Byrne and Rhia Parker


Curious Gig: Freedom and Control
7.30pm Wednesday 6th July

Recognising the particular resonance that these words have in the current social and political climate, this night of new music and performance brings together an eclectic group of musicians, poets and artists to explore and ponder upon the meaning of freedom and control. To what extent are we passengers or drivers, change-makers or resistors? From an all-female body percussion collective to randomised spoken word and political movement performance, Freedom and Control aims to stimulate, provoke, surprise, and humour.

With guest artists Tim Steiner, Tom Challenger and Kit Downes.

Tim Steiner with Martins Baumanais, Alba Cabral, Tania Castro, Jack Derbyshire, Elsa Hackett Esteban, Maya Khaldi, Geoffa Kyle, Rachel Mangold, Kate Smith, Rodrigo Viterbo De Oliveira
Malik Sankara
Kenny Mukendi AKA Vulcan X Miko Spinelli
Alba Cabral & the Leoa Rhythm Collective
Abbi Asante
Tom Challenger & Kit Downes
Jack Derbyshire
Lucy Howell
Jess Sweeney


Curious Lab: Unfinished
11.30am – 9pm Thursday 7 July

Artists from a wide range of disciplines have been invited to create or present interventions and new works for ‘Unfinished.’ There will be temporary installations, interactive works and performances that explore the boundaries between artists and audiences, art and the everyday.

Over the years within contemporary art, artists have attempted to alter or remove distinctions between artist and audience; from Allan Kaprow’s 1950s ‘happenings’ to Joseph Beuys’ ‘social sculpture’. ‘Unfinished’ will take over the Rose Lipman Building for an extraordinary day of events.

The day will end with evening performances from David Toop and Joseph Kohlmaier.

David Toop will be thinking through doing, dwelling on intimacy, resonance, time, materials, fluidity of practice.

Joseph Kohlmaier will perform Tape Music by Lin Chiwei.

You are invited to attend at any stage of the day from 11am when work is being installed and prepared, to 9pm when it is being removed. Performances will take place in the afternoon and evening.

Martins Baumanis
Ansuman Biswas
Alba Cabral
Tania Castro
Jack Derbyshire
Sigrun Griffiths
Norman Haynes
Lucy Howell
Maya Khaldi
Imogen Knight
Joseph Kohlmaier
Geoffa Kyle
Nitin Lachhani
Jan Lee
Somang Lee
Rachel Mangold
The Messengers
Claudia Molitor
Tim Murray-Brown
Nye Parry
Kate Smith
Tim Steiner
Jess Sweeney
David Toop
Ella Virr
Rodrigo Viterbo De Oliveira
Tessa Wills


The Rose Lipman Building
43 De Beauvoir Rd
N1 5SQ
0207 923 3565

Date: Mon 4th - Thurs 7th July